[Twisted-Python] twisted & pydispatcher?

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at rogers.com
Sun Aug 21 18:16:18 EDT 2005

Henning.Ramm at mediapro-gmbh.de wrote:

>Hi ho!
>Would you recommend or discourage using pyDispatcher in a twisted application?
>Are there any known traps?
We use PyDispatcher + Twisted extensively in Cinemon.  Thing to keep in 
mind is that PyDispatcher is *synchronous*, so if you have a large 
number of handlers/observers registered for a given event you could 
stall Twisted as you process the one event.  We often use a callLater( 
0, send ) pattern to move the event processing into its own "timeslice" 
for heavily-observed events.

Good luck,

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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