[Twisted-Python] PEP 342 now in python CVS

Allen Short washort at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Aug 17 12:02:04 EDT 2005

>>>>> "tazzo" == tazzo  <tazzo at email.it> writes:

    > I know that is a great news for asynchronous programming in
    > python

I have to wonder if it really is. I think that even if this goes into
python, I will continue to write my code in the same way, using
separate callback functions. I'd do this mainly because I find it less
confusing -- that way code that executes in different reactor
iterations will be in different blocks. Getting confused about what
the time-relationship between various pieces of code is one of the
problems that multithreading increases -- coroutines do that as well,
I think, though obviously not to the same degree. 
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