[Twisted-Python] problem with combining deferreds together

michal salaban emes at pld-linux.org
Mon Aug 15 18:30:56 EDT 2005

on Mon, Aug 15, 2005 at 01:13:44PM -0400, Jason Fritcher wrote:

> Give this a try and see how it works for you...

works perfectly. thanks! :)

> subrequest. Also, for the new deferred to be useful, you return it from
> the callback. When Twisted sees that, it'll pause the callback chain
> until that deferred fires and processes all of its callbacks. It'll take
> the result that is produced from that deferred and use it as the result
> for the next callback in the main deferred.

and that's the key. the docs I read didn't mention that (or I didn't notice :)

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