[Twisted-Python] Twisted on QNX

Franklin, Lyndsey lyndsey.franklin at pnl.gov
Wed Aug 10 11:25:50 EDT 2005

  I'm trying to get Twisted to work on a QNX computer (actually, I'm
after buildbot but I need Twisted first) but I'm having problems getting
it to run correctly.  The long and short is that for some reason,
threads and forks don't like each other much on QNX.  I've been taking
stabs at the code for Twisted but I'm not making much progress on my own
yet.  Is there some way to get rid of the forking in Twisted? (For those
who have played with buildbot, the problems crop up when I try to
checkout source code, it complains about the os.fork() not being
Thanks in advance,
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