[Twisted-Python] [Twisted - Python] Telnet client & keeping connection alive

Michał Tyde ajchos at wp.pl
Wed Aug 10 09:17:03 EDT 2005

First i want to thank all people that responsed for my ealier questions.
I have done a progress in my project.I am a green in Twisted/Python, and
network programming in general.
Now I got a working telnet client. I have got two kind of telnet
servers. First one (after succesfuly login) keeps connection even if I
don't send a command to him. Second one disconnect me every 30 sec., if
I don't send command to him. So I want to create a thread (after
connection to the server) that will send to him a "pwd" command. I want
this thread to run constantly and sending every 20 sec "pwd" command. Of
course in the meantime i want to get responses for my enother commands.
Is this the best idea? Where should I do this (in protocol or in
factory)? Maybe there is another solution.
Where can I find some tutorials with code examples about threads in
Python/Twisted? Please send me a link with working pattern of telnet
client in Twisted. I have look for this kind of code but i couldn't find
anything. I don't know if my code is good (he works, but sometimes I
dont know why). Maybe some suggestions.
Thank You in advance for answers.
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