[Twisted-Python] How to get initialize values of function

Stephan Popp Stephan.Popp at iisb.fraunhofer.de
Fri Aug 5 07:50:17 EDT 2005

On Friday 05 August 2005 13:30, Michał Tyde wrote:
> I have code like that:
> class class1:
> 	def funct1(self, some_args):
> 		if a==b:#(the condition doesn't matter)
> 			self.funct30("value")

> 	def funct30(self, value):
		self.value = value
> 		# do something
> 		# i can't return here a value, because the program work inappropriate
> Maybe this is a very simple solution, but i have got now any idea.
> Thanks in advance for answers
I don't know if I got right with what you mean, but I think you mean something 
like I added above. Or did you mean something completely different?

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