[Twisted-Python] [andrea at cpushare.com: Re: error after launching cpushare client]

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Wed Aug 3 15:16:55 EDT 2005

Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> The status parameter passed to the processEnded callback is like this:
> 	status.value.signal == 11
> 	status.value.status == 139
> My server code was validating the sigsegv status returned by the client,
> and it noticed it wasn't 11. But status.value.signal == 11.
> See the debugging patch that produced the below output:
> http://www.cpushare.com/hypermail/cpushare-discuss/05/08/0018.html
> How can it be that the same status has .value.signal == 11 and
> .value.status == 139 at the same time?
> I suspect this is a twisted bug.

.status is the _raw_ status.

You probably mean .exitCode instead.

Actual .status values are unportable, thus transferring them raw over
the network is not a good idea.

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