[Twisted-Python] XMLRPC server help neede

Roland Hedberg roland.hedberg at adm.umu.se
Wed Apr 27 09:23:00 EDT 2005

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Hi !

I have a application, a sort of routing system, where nodes communicate 
using XML-RPC.

It works but to my mind it's too slow. Now, changing to some other 
protocol then XML-RPC is not an option presently, so I don't want to 
know what other protocol that would do it much better.
I might eventually get there but not at this point in time.

One reason for the slowness is that I'm not able to get the server to 
reply to the client when I would like it to. This is how it should 

1) server gets a message from the client, checks that it is well formed
2) server determins if it knows what to do with the message
3) server  performs the appropriate action on the message

Now, if the the message is not well formed or if the server does not 
know what to do with the
packet it should reject it. So far everything works as planned.

If the packet is well formed and the server knows what to do with it, 
it should reply to the client and then perform the action.

My problem is how I would go about doing this. Conceptually I could 
imaging having a workqueue where I would place the message and then 
from the point of view of the client-sever communication just forget 
about it.

Anyone who has done anything similar or has an idea on how to do this ?

- -- Roland
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