[Twisted-Python] Re: DeferredList and errbacks

David Bolen db3l at fitlinxx.com
Fri Apr 22 17:11:00 EDT 2005

Jp Calderone <exarkun at divmod.com> writes:

> Alternatively, pass consumeErrors=True to DeferredList() and it will
> do something equivalent for all Deferreds you put into it.

Hrmm, and of course that was also mentioned in the post I was replying
to (which you were kind enough not to highlight)... duh!

Looks like that got added after my initial work with DeferredList and
I didn't catch it becoming available.  It's particularly ironic,
because I think I participated in the discussion at the time with
respect to deprecating the addDeferred method that led to the patch.

Ah well, learn something new every day ... definitely going to start
using it.

-- David

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