[Twisted-Python] UDP asynchronous communication

Adrian Libotean adrian.libotean at asylum-studios.ro
Sun Apr 10 11:38:42 EDT 2005

Trust me I've read the document and after:


the *client* just waits for incoming traffic.
I know that Twisted is not supposed to be like that. But please take a
moment and read this:
before you give me a *prebuilt* answer. Thank you.

Tommi Virtanen wrote:
> Adrian Libotean wrote:
>> Now the problem I faced is that from the examples I found on the web 
>> (http://twisted.sourceforge.net/TwistedDocs-1.1.0/howto/udp.html), for 
>> multicast UDP messages, are done using listenUDP on both sides (server 
>> and client) and this approach is not good for me because I need a 
>> non-blocking communication mechanism on the client-side.
> Sounds _very_ much like you have misunderstood something.
> Twisted functionality is almost without exception non-blocking.
> Please re-read and try to ask a more specific question.

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