[Twisted-Python] UDP File Copy

van Aswegen, Marinus (ZA - Johannesburg) mvanaswegen at deloitte.co.za
Wed Apr 6 02:47:28 EDT 2005

My original motivation was to do "fast" file copies on the local LAN via
Sure I would have to build some additional checking but I anticipate
that I would
still get better tx rates than TCP. However from a design perspective, I
also like to provide the ability to send files via the Internet.
I agree TCP would be the better option. Does anyone have a good TCP file
copy class ?
I'd like to be able to handle multiple file tx's ... 


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> Intra-net where you are broadcasting updates or patches to a cluster
> of machines it makes since, but for peer-to-peer it just doesn't reap
> any benefits on the internet proper.

You are wrong, UDP is more and more adopted by end-user P2P software
because of its ability to transparently go through - in and out - many
types of NAT devices (which are themselves more and more popular among
home users). Incoming TCP traffic, on the other hand, often needs to be
specifically enabled on the NAT box.

For juicy details, you can read the RFC for the STUN protocol (Simple
Traversal of User Datagram Protocol - UDP - Through Network Address
Translators - NATs):


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