[Twisted-Python] Creating an NT Service for a twistd script

Grant McDonald gmcdonald at infocomp.com
Mon Apr 4 01:02:24 EDT 2005


I did read your readme thoroughly and it only specifies the application of
the patch for py2exe version 0.5.4. As I am currently using 0.5.0 (i thought
that this fell within the py2exe 0.5+ category but perhaps i am mistaken) i
did not apply the patch. Is this what is causing the issue?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Grant,

Been on vacation so I'm still catching up, sorry for the slow reply.  This
sounds like an unpatched py2exe.  Did you look at the README.txt in my
sandbox? There's a patch in there you need.  TH has already applied it to
py2exe's development codeline but there hasn't been a release yet.


Grant McDonald wrote:
| Hi All,
| I am receiving the following error when i run the <filename>ctl.exe
| generated with moonfallen's ntsvc module and py2exe:
| Traceback (most recent call last):
|   File "boot_service.py", line 21, in ?
| RuntimeError: No service classes found
| Can someone please point me in the right direction??
| Grant
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