[Twisted-Python] How can I call internet.MulticastServer() to enable listenMultiple?

jarrod roberson jarrod.roberson at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 13:28:44 EST 2005

I am refactoring and repacking all the ZeroConf / MulticastDNS stuff I
have seen and been re-writing to be a "Service" I want to be able to
start it from a .tac file.

I can't find any documenation of explict example of how to start it
using internet.MulticastServer()

here is what I am trying

<snip imports and other housekeeping code>

zc = zeroconf.DebugZeroConfService()
serviceCollection = service.IServiceCollection(application)

when I do this I get the

2005/04/01 13:25 EST [-] twisted.internet.error.CannotListenError:
Couldn't listen on any:5353: (48, 'Address already in use').

I tried

internet.MulticastServer(5353, zeroconf.IZeroConfFactory(zc),

but that throws this error

2005/04/01 13:26 EST [-] AttributeError: ZeroConfFactoryFromService
instance has no attribute 'makeConnection'

I have 4 TCP services running this way and I copied the Echo stuff
pretty directly ( see the naming convention even )

can someone tell me what the correct syntax / idiom should be?

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