[Twisted-Python] Seeking Twisted/Python Contractors

Jonathan Simms slyphon at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Sep 30 01:25:43 EDT 2004

Mr. Evans,

Hello, my name is Jonathan Simms, and I've been part of the Twisted core
team for a little over a year, and have worked for the Divmod
Corporation for ten months.

While working for Divmod, I wrote a web-based functional testing
framework to automate testing of their web application, Quotient. It
consisted of an HTTP client, a dom-parsing/inspection API, and a
test-descriptiopn API called "Navtags" that allowed a person to specify
the steps that the tests were to take traversing the site and the
assertions to be made without having to write nasty deferred callback
code. I wrote Divmod's release scripts, several repository-management
scripts, performance-statistics collection and stress testing code,
automated/remote application management code, and documentation pieces
for the developers.

I am currently refactoring the Twisted test framework, trial, and have
succeeded in making it three to four times faster than the current
version in Twisted's svn-trunk. It is now also easily extensible, and
will be integrated more tightly with Brian Warner's Buildbot program.
I have written tutorials on twisted, one of which was a step-by-step
tutorial on how to create a web application using the (now deprecated)
woven package. Another one, which is still in the works, deals with the
new zope.interface component system.

I have been working as part of a distributed team for almost a year now.
I am a competent programmer, a talented communicator, motivated, and I am
available immediately.

If it makes a difference, I have a Bachelor of Science degree in
Computer Science from the State University of New York.

If you need references, you can speak with Glyph Lefkowitz
(glyph at divmod.com) or JP Calderone (exarkun at divmod.com), either of whom
can speak for both the quality of my code, and my dedication to my work.

I would be very interested in talking with you further about what kind
of projects you have.

Thank You,

Jonathan Simms
slyphon at twistedmatrix.com

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