[Twisted-Python] Serving files from other web-servers on a web-server

Thomas Weholt thomas.weholt at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 09:32:09 EDT 2004


I got a subnett full of web-servers using twisted and a main
web-server based on twisted as well. The main server is available to
the outside world. I want to serve files on the other web-servers on
the subnett thru the main web-server. There may be many concurrent
users on the main server so it has to be able to handle many clients.

A few users connect to the main server, requesting files on the
subnett web-servers. The main server reads data from several subnett
servers and writes the data back to the requesting clients. How can I
do this in twisted, without blocking, and handle several clients?
We're not talking hardcore P2P here with thousands of clients, most
likely 2-5 concurrent users, 10 at the most.

Any hints? Or doesn't this make any sense?

Mvh/Best regards,
Thomas Weholt

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