[Twisted-Python] TCP wrapper support for twisted servers - solution !

Eugene Coetzee projects at reedflute.com
Tue Sep 21 12:00:27 EDT 2004

Eugene Coetzee wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if anybody knows about a Python wrapper  for  libwrap. 
> I'm aware of libwrap function libraries  for PHP and libwrap-ruby for 
> Ruby - but could not google anything similar for Python.
> I want to control access to my twisted servers using hosts.allow/deny. 
> I have read someting about "inetd setup" options planned for tap2deb 
> (couldn't get any docs regarding inetd/tcp -wrapper support though).
> Alternatively, is there anything included in twisted that can be used 
> get tcp wrapper support without having to run from inetd.

OK - I had the ich and I just *had to* scratch it. I have built a Python 
wrapper (I'll call it PyTCPWrapper) to libwrap which is working very 
much like Perl's 
http://cpan.uwinnipeg.ca/htdocs/Authen-Libwrap/README.html. I will 
release it on sourceforge under the GPL pretty soon.

Now - I want to use PyTCPWrapper inside twisted.protocol.http.Request to 
control access to my http server possibly passing the result of 
http.Request.getHost() to PyTCPWrapper.hosts_ctl().

*but* from http.py :

def getHost(self):
        """Get my originally requesting transport's host.

        Don't rely on the 'transport' attribute, since Request objects 
may be
        copied remotely.  For information on this method's return value, see
        return self.host

If I "should not rely on transport" (I imagine this refers to IP 
spoofing) - what is the most reliable way of getting  the client's IP 
address from inside an instance of http.Request ? I would also like to 
drop the illegal connection as quickly as possible - much sooner than 
http.Request.process() happens.

Any advise thoughts ideas would be appreciated.



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