[Twisted-Python] Subclassing processProtocol.

Joshua Moore-Oliva josh at chatgris.com
Fri Sep 10 13:57:45 EDT 2004

I have an application that needs to communicate via netstrings over pipes that I am porting to twisted.

Is it possible to use the netstring protocol that already exists with a processProtocol?

SInce my terminology is probably all incorrect, in simpler terms..

I would like to be able to spawn a process, and communicate with that process via netstrings.

The netstring module would be perfect for this, except that I only know how to get it to work with sockets not processes.

I could write my own netstring protocol on top of the processProtocol, but I would prefer to use the current Netstring protocol if possible as it would
save time and would probably be better than code I would write :)

Is it possible to launch a process and communicate with it via the twisted.protocols.basic.NetstringReceiver class?

Thanks, Joshua Moore-Oliva

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