[Twisted-Python] Recursive filescanning in Twisted??

Jp Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Thu Sep 9 14:03:17 EDT 2004

Jeff Bowden wrote:
> On Linux, file descriptors for disk files are always "ready".  


> Since 
> twisted is based on select() or poll() I'm guessing you will end up 
> actually blocking on file reads.


> I think you can get non-blocking file 
> reads using the new AIO stuff 

   On some systems, right.

> but it's not really a good match for a 
> single process server like twisted.

   Hmm.  Why do you say this?  It's true that AIO will require reactor 
support (IOCP is essentially such a reactor, except for Windows).  I 
don't see a problem with using AIO in a single process, though, and 
apparently neither did Pavel when he wrote IOCP.

> I don't know about BSD/OSX or Windows.

   KQueue supports on-disk files, I suspect.  There is no working KQueue 
reactor, though, so that takes care of BSD/OSX.  Windows has IO 
Completion Ports, which IOCP uses (hence the name ;).


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