[Twisted-Python] Patch for MSN protocol & Jabber protocol

Jp Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Sat Sep 4 13:09:09 EDT 2004

James Bunton wrote:
> Here's a patch that fixes a few bugs in the Twisted MSN support.
> * An exception will no longer be thrown on an incoming NOT (notification) 
> message.
> * A fix for occasional exceptions on receiving messages.
> * Fix receiving of contact status and friendly name changes to be safer, and 
> to actually update the factory =P (friendly name updates didn't occur 
> previously)
> * Removed a stray print statement

   Thanks for the patches, James.  In addition to Glyph's comments, I 
wonder if you could include unit tests which:

     1) fail when run against the current Twisted code and
     2) pass with your changes

   This is especially important for protocol code.  Without extremely 
good test coverage, different people begin to depend on different 
(unknown) chunks of functionality.  Then there is no way to know what 
future changes can be made without breaking existing code (in this case, 
potentially yours ;).


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