[Twisted-Python] Case for an Async MySQL Driver?

Nick Arnett narnett at liveworld.com
Tue Oct 26 18:33:54 EDT 2004

Christopher Armstrong wrote:

>>How about an event-driven MySQL protocol implementation that fits into
>>the Twisted Framework? (I came accross a MySQL protocol specification
>>online once but I think I've lost it). If this sounds sensible, I'll
>>be interested with helping out with implementation but I won't be able
>>to do actual coding for some time.
Anybody want to offer more about how this might look?  I don't know if I 
can fit it into my work, but it would be a terrific addition to my 
toolbox (I have many thousands of lines of Python talking to MySQL).  
And I suppose it would offer the excuse I've been needing to ask our CEO 
about his thoughts on open-sourcing parts of our code.


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