[Twisted-Python] CFReactor

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Mon Oct 25 17:24:09 EDT 2004

Itamar just added half-closing support to Twisted, and I foolishly 
volunteered to look at adding support to cfreactor for him. However, 
that was before I looked at it. Now that I have, I have little idea 
what it's actually doing, so I'm afraid that I'm unable to actually 
implement this change.

The "SelectableSocketWrapper" looks like a horrible kludge, and I'm not 
sure why it's necessary. Why does it override the wrapped object's 
"connectionLost"? Why do you have to wrap&override 
Selectable.start/stopReading/Writing, instead of doing that stuff in 
reactor.add/removeReader/Writer? What is simulate?? Essentially, I just 
don't understand why it is so different from the other reactors.

Either hints or else a working half-close implementation for cfreactor 
would be appreciated.


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