[Twisted-Python] ANN: deferred howto/tutorial

Mary Gardiner mary-twisted at puzzling.org
Sat Oct 23 14:29:20 EDT 2004

On Sat, Oct 23, 2004, Jonathan Simms wrote:
> So what i did was write a tutorial on my deferred enlightenment...(pun
> intended?) 
> I'd appreciate feedback, good or bad. You can find it in svn:HEAD,
> at doc/core/howto/tutorial/deferred_tutorial.xhtml

That's not the place for it unfortunately, everything else in that
directory is the finger tutorial. (ie it's not a general "tutorials"
directory... but that's OK, the "howto" directory isn't really full of
howtos either...)

As best I can tell, there's no clear distinction between that and the
"Using Deferreds" howto a directory up. I'll play around with merging
them over the next hour or so and see if I'm right.


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