[Twisted-Python] twisted webdav server

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Oct 23 03:44:53 EDT 2004

Yasushi Iwata wrote:
>>This particular package is not going to go into Twisted unless the 
>>license changes.  LGPL is not compatible with MIT.
> Some code of akaDAV were adapted from Twisted 1.3.0 which is
> distributed under LGPL, so I cannot change the lisence of akaDAV.
> I'm glad to change the lincense and contribute what I wrote to Twisted
> project. Should I rewrite all the code adapted from Twisted 1.3.0 to
> change the license?

Well, assuming the parts you adapted from 1.3.0 haven't changed much
since, you could just take the changes between 1.3.0 and SVN HEAD, and
say you adapted the code from the MIT-licensed source.

If you had to copy a _lot_ of code from Twisted to your project, there's
a totally different problem from licensing. Copy-paste coding is evil,
and code duplication should be refactored out.

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