[Twisted-Python] changing password remotely with twisted.conch

jean-marc.pouchoulon at ac-montpellier.fr jean-marc.pouchoulon at ac-montpellier.fr
Tue Oct 12 07:34:17 EDT 2004

Due to specificity of passwd command, I am not sure it's a goof idea to 
do that but I try to change the root password on  remote machine as I 
can do it with pexpect

The program seems to wait for a password's confirmation. 
2004/10/12 13:05 CEST [SimpleTransport,client] starting service 
2004/10/12 13:05 CEST [SimpleTransport,client] opening channel 0 with 
65536 32768
2004/10/12 13:05 CEST [SimpleTransport,client] sending request for 
channel 0, request exec
2004/10/12 13:05 CEST [SimpleTransport,client] got extended data 1 'New 
UNIX password: '
2004/10/12 13:05 CEST [SimpleTransport,client] got extended data 1 
'Retype new UNIX password: '

here it is an extract of my CatChannel(channel.SSHChannel)  class.

    CMD = 'passwd'
    def channelOpen(self, ignoredData):
        self.data = ''
        d = self.conn.sendRequest(self, 'exec', common.NS(CMD), 
wantReply = 1)

    def _cbRequest(self, ignored):
    def dataReceived(self, data):

Did anyone done  it ?
Thanks for you answers. ( and thanks to support my basic english ...)

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