[Twisted-Python] Message Queue

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 11 08:04:40 EDT 2004

Stefan Majer wrote:

>We are in the design phase for a new project. We want to write a new
>kind of a network monitoring applikation. This application is designed
>to spread over several monitoring agents across the network.
>Therefore we want to do the following:
>1. a central scheduler puts new measurement actions into a queue
>2. all executors are subscribed to this queue an execute the specified
>actions and report all back to a central repository.
>We are all relatively new to python (most of us have java background)
>and we are searching for a good framework to help us to get the job
>Is it possible to use twisted to achieve the above. Or has twisted
>another idea how to distribute jobs to other machines ?
>with kind regards
You may want to check out Munkware:

Currently, the only queue paradigm that is supported is PTP.  I'm 
thinking of supporting Pub/Sub later, which it seems will be more 
beneficial to you than PTP.  I'm currently working on a new release to 
make XMLRPC the protocol that messages are sent over, so if you're 
interested in taking a peek at a functional networking queue, you could 
snag it from CVS rather than from the Sourceforge download page.

I don't have it working in Twisted....yet.  That's on my agenda as 
well.  Once I get it working and stable with the builtin XMLRPCServer in 
the standard Python library, I'll work on getting it running in Twisted.

If you have any questions about it, please feel free to email me.

Jeremy Jones

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