[Twisted-Python] Re: UDP and multiple access

Sebastien Kirche sebastien.kirche.no at spam.free.fr.invalid
Mon Oct 11 07:34:02 EDT 2004

Le 11 Oct 2004, Phil Mayers s'est exprimé ainsi :

> Ah ha. This is extremely similar to what I've been doing recently
> (SNMP, with many many agents, lots of concurrent UDP clients). Here's
> the setup I used (warning: comes with no guarantee, may end your
> marriage, etc. - 
> specifically, read the warning at the bottom).
> [ snip code and disclaimer ]

Many many thanks for that code, despite of what you may think of it : I have 
now some code to study and a direction to look for.

Formerly i did not know where to go.

I'll  look  at it  carefully  and  will make  some  experiment.  If can  get
something working, i'll notify it there.

Or if i have some more precise question too.

Sébastien Kirche

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