[Twisted-Python] DHARMA: a project based on twisted python

Yun Mao maoy at cis.upenn.edu
Mon Oct 4 12:24:06 EDT 2004

Dear Twisted folks,

I'm very happy to annouce a beta release of DHARMA project. DHARMA
(Distributed Home Agent For Robust Mobile Access) is a research project
focusing on providing robust mobile network connectivity. It creates an
end-to-end session layer on top of transport layer to provide robust
access, transparently mask of unexpected network failures and network
interface change. You can suspend/resume your TCP connection with little
efforts. DHARMA supports legacy TCP applications with proxy technology.
When end-to-end deployment is not available, DHARMA intelligently select
the proxy (Home agent) for you from more than 200 nodes all over the
world to minimize the routing overhead.

The DHARMA core is heavily based on twisted python, and has almost the
same abstraction of TCP operations, such as connectSession, listenSession,
etc. DHARMA also has a Web-based interface which is built on top of Nevow

The detailed information is available at http://dharma.cis.upenn.edu

Want to have 200 proxies all over the planet for you? Send us a mail to
get an account for free. :)



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