[Twisted-Python] Re: PyMedia & Tk (SOLVED)

Petri Savolainen petri.savolainen at iki.fi
Tue Nov 30 16:36:01 EST 2004

Thanks for everyone who responded. Embarrassingly, I had forgotten to 
make sure the file was opened in binary mode...

> The problem is that the sound is now garbled - it sounds as if the loop 
> is not fast enough or it's dropping some sound data. Apart from twisted 
> and Tk integration, the code should be essentially the same as the 
> original example that works fine.

>    def startRecording(self):
>       file = tkFileDialog.asksaveasfile(title="Enter file to save to")

So instead:

file = tkFileDialog.asksaveasfile(mode="wb", title="Enter file to save to")

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