[Twisted-Python] want to freeze twisted

Iap iap_yeh at abit.com.tw
Mon Nov 29 22:38:14 EST 2004

I have a twistd-based web server by running a web.tap file like this:
$twistd -o -f web.tap -l /var/log/twistd.log
Great, it works. Then, I use cx_freeze to freeze  it.
$FreezePython --install-dir freeze_twistd twistd
That is ok, lots of *.so have been copied into freeze_twistd/*.
After moving those all into another machine, and run the executable
I got complains on missing some modules.
I realized that those twisted/* don't be freezed.
Then, I try:
$FreezePython --include-modules=cgi,calendar,twisted
--install-dir=freeze_twistd twistd
That is ok too. But twisted still not been included.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance.
BTW: I searched google with keywords "twisted freeze", "twistd freeze". Not
so many hits.
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