[Twisted-Python] protocols.ftp: FTP server: file upload support

Eric Mangold teratorn at twistedmatrix.com
Mon Nov 22 18:29:32 EST 2004

Ian Haywood wrote:

> I am looking to implement a 'virtual' FTP server, I've browsed the  
> Twisted code in twisted.protocols.ftp.FTP, there doesn't appear to be
> a ftp_STOR method on ftp.FTP or ftp.DTP for receiving file uploads to  
> the server.
> IFTPShell has a stor () method, so presumably someone thought about it.
> Is there any plan to add support for STOR on the server? Is there some
> technical reason making it really hard, or simply lack of time/demand?
> Ian Haywood

FTP support has always been plagued by under motivation.  It's such a
backwards protocol that most people are happy to avoid it if at all

There's no technical reason that it would be harder than any other
FTP implementation.


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