[Twisted-Python] Announcing: Minions of Mirth - Open Source RPG using Twisted

Josh Ritter jritter at bektel.com
Fri Nov 19 14:52:30 EST 2004


My name is Josh Ritter and I am a veteran game programmer working on an Open
Source RPG, called "Minions of Mirth".
The engine is also Open Source and features some really cool technology.
The game currently runs on Windows and OSX.
Basically, "Minions of Mirth" is a 3d MUD...

We are using Twisted for our live patching system, remote method calls and
data cache (using spread), and distributed servers.
We are also using Zope3 and the two compliment each other nicely...

Please see the "Barrage o' Links" below for an 8 minute video and
***playable*** demo/test for Windows and OSX.
We are very interested in collaborating with others on Open Source games and

I hope you find this an interesting use of Twisted!!!!

-Josh Ritter
Technical Director

Barrage o' Links:

Our webpage is http://www.prairiegames.com

There is an 8 minute gameplay movie linked here:

There are additional screenshots and content samples here:

There is an interactive compatibility test here:

Prairie Engine:

OpenSRD Third Edition Rules Implementation:

Dedicated Open Source SRD 3.5 Implementation Forum

About Prairie Games, Inc:

Prairie Games Inc is an independent game company with offices in North
Dakota and Los Angeles.
With 12 shipped retail games to our staff credit, we are dedicated to making
fun and entertaining role-playing games.
Our games and technology are Open Source to allow the greatest amount of
creative exchange with other developers.

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