[Twisted-Python] Reactors

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Wed Nov 17 17:14:52 EST 2004

Okay, so twisted has a bunch of reactors. But, most of them aren't 
being tested.

Currently being tested:
Linux: select, poll, gtk, gtk2
OSX: select, cf
Windows: select, win32event

Currently untested platform/reactor combos that ought to work:
Linux: glib2, qt, wx
OSX: kq, qt, wx
Windows:  win32event, gtk, gtk2, glib2, qt, wx

glib2reactor is really gtk2reactor, so, while it might be nice to test, 
it probably isn't very important, and the linux reactors test already 
takes a long time. However qtreactor really should be tested.

Currently, cfreactor and IOCP reactor both seem to be in a state of 
very-brokenness. Itamar tells me wxreactor is also broken, but I have 
no knowledge of that. GTK and GTK2 reactors have some failures on BB, 
but I don't think they're in very bad shape really. Windows default 
reactor also currently has some failures, but I seem to recall it 
working right in the recent past (besides not being able to spawn 

   I propose removing cfreactor from OSX bb, removing IOCP from windows 
bb, adding win32eventreactor to windows bb, and qtreactor to linux bb.

The reactors that we know are totally broken (As far as I know, the 
list is: IOCP, cf, wx) should be marked as such with warnings, and 
excluded from the release of twisted 2.0.


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