[Twisted-Python] Problem with using mktap

Eric Mangold teratorn at world-net.net
Tue Nov 16 15:48:19 EST 2004

Roland Hedberg wrote:

> 2004-11-16 kl. 20.16 skrev Eric Mangold:
>> Roland Hedberg wrote:
>>> Hi!
>>> I'm implementing a server, who on one sida should have a connection to  
>>> a unix domain socket and on the other hand listen on a UDP socket.
>>> On the unix domain socket this server works as a client.
>>> First without mktap. This works:
>> First, is there a good reason to use mktap for your application?
> Not really, except I'd like to know how to use it and its limitations.


The original tap concept was for applications to store configuration in  
the tap. Then,
such apps could be reconfigured by COIL to do all sorts of wacky things  
(go way back
on the mailing list archives to read about COIL).

The implementation of COIL never panned out, and I doubt it ever will.

In any case, you certainly don't need tap's to enjoy the benefits of  
twistd.  twistd's
-y and related switches should be of interest to you.

So, probably, there's not any good reason for you to spend any more time  
on tap's.


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