[Twisted-Python] The CompStrm Wiki

William la Forge Jr LAFORGE49 at peoplepc.com
Mon Nov 15 12:22:38 EST 2004

To demonstrate the advantages of a database that supports navigation in
time, I've developed the CompStrm Wiki.

Anyone, once they login, can modify the contents of a Wiki. It is a bit like
the Wild West sometimes, as pages can get renamed or deleted. Links can
easily be broken and valuable content lost. That is because only the latest
content can be accessed.

The CompStrm Wiki can help. All content, once entered, remains accessible.
Users can view all changes made to a page, and can even go back in time and
navigate links to pages that no longer exist. (This applies to the topics
list and page citations as well.) You can even create links on a Wiki page
which specify the time at which a page is to be viewed.

By adding the dimension of time, site management is made a lot easier. And
for more dynamic subjects (e.g. documentation for a new project), users can
now get a historical perspective.


CompStrm builds on Twisted, using BSDDB as a transactional store.

Bill la Forge

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