[Twisted-Python] Jabber client/server

Petr Gladkikh batyi at mail.ru
Mon Nov 15 01:22:38 EST 2004


I am trying to write simple messaging application to do some 
automation at my work. I want to use Jabber protocol and hoped to find 
some "Hello world" client and server code sample for it which works 
right "out of box" to start from. But looking through the mailing list 
I found that information on this subject is sparse and all do not work 
without modification. So here are questions:

1. Seems that jabber protocol support in twisted is very basic and it 
requires to study JEPs to create even basic application. If so, is 
there any effort to provide more functionality to Jabber in twisted or 
I should rely on something like twibber library to use it? Everything 
I managed to find by now is partial code samples and no working 
applications which use twisted/Jabber in contrast to other protocols 
which you can made to work with a handful o lines.

2. Is twisted supposed to be platform independent? There are parts of 
code which utilize fcntl module which does not work on Windows. So I 
can not utilize them.


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