[Twisted-Python] imap4client.py example problem

Robert Penz robert.penz at outertech.com
Wed Nov 10 08:10:47 EST 2004


I'm just trying to play with the imap4client.py example. but I've following 
problem: The mailbox name is "" and that seems to be a problem for twisted. 
I looked 1h to find the exact place of the bug, but couldn't find it. 

I hope now that someone on the list can point me on the line I need to 
change in order to make it work. 

I've used following code 

here the output of the client. the first list is from 

def cbMailboxList(result, proto):
   print result 

and the second list from: 

def cbPickMailbox(result, proto, mboxes):
   print mboxes 

> python imap4client.py
No secure authentication available.  Login insecurely? (y/N) y
[(('\\Noselect',), '.', '')]
Which mailbox? [1]
2004/11/10 13:50 CET [SimpleIMAP4Client,client] Log opened.
2004/11/10 13:50 CET [SimpleIMAP4Client,client] Failure: 
twisted.protocols.imap4.IMAP4Exception: Missing required argument to Examine 

2004/11/10 13:50 CET [SimpleIMAP4Client,client] Stopping factory 
<__main__.SimpleIMAP4ClientFactory instance at 0x405f8a0c> 

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