[Twisted-Python] multiple connectTCP bindaddress problem

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Mon Nov 8 22:41:22 EST 2004

On Nov 8, 2004, at 10:07 PM, Chris Laws wrote:
> I would like to specify my client ports for the previously mentioned 
> reasons. We also use
> integration tools such as LAN message crackers to help us verify 
> message contents.
> These use information such as "port" to determine the appropriate 
> cracking method.
> If I let the OS determine the client's ports I will have to change the 
> port information
> in our LAN message cracker everytime I restart the client application. 
> Admittedly this
> will only be necessary during the integration phase, however I'm sure 
> I'd get tired of
> manually changing port numbers in our cracker tool after a very short 
> time.

 From what I can tell, your aforementioned reasons are due to a 
misunderstanding, not an actual need. Your use cases do not appear to 
be any different from usual networking clients, none of which use fixed 
client ports. Using a fixed client port for a TCP connection is almost 
always a very very bad idea.

Additionally, the "LAN message cracker" should be, and probably is 
using the server port to filter on, not the client port.


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