[Twisted-Python] multiple connectTCP bindaddress problem

Chris Laws claws at tpg.com.au
Mon Nov 8 07:04:47 EST 2004

I only have about 30 servers which I connect the client(s) with.  There are
between 1 and 10 client applications which connect to the 30 servers, though it
is very unlikely that more than two client side applications would be running at
any one time. I have control over the ports I am using (within reason) so the
client(s) can go on any port I choose. I simply wanted the clients to use the
same local port when establishing their connections with the servers to reduce
the likelyhood for conflicting use of ports. (We have a few conflicting uses of
ports on this project so I wanted mine to use a few as possible). Anyway from
your information I will go with the port-per-server implementation. 30 ports for
the client isn't much anyway.

Thanks for your help,

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