[Twisted-Python] etag and last-modified

Jeff Grimmett grimmtooth at gmail.com
Fri Nov 5 10:21:50 EST 2004

Might help to attach the file, sparky :-)

On Fri, 5 Nov 2004 10:19:03 -0500, Jeff Grimmett <grimmtooth at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Fri, 05 Nov 2004 10:19:40 +0100, Jacob Friis <lists at debpro.webcom.dk> wrote:
> > I have a script that downloads multiple rss/atom feeds via Feedparser.
> > The script uses twisted.internet but the developer tells me there is no
> > way to use etag and last-modified with twisted.
> I have been working an angle on this as well and have given up for the
> time being in terms of integrating a Twisted-based 'connector' in a
> way that urllib2 could use it - which is the best way of doing it. If
> you do it that way, then the interface is transparent.
> Problem is, urllib2 documentation is very confusing. I know, that
> probably sounds wierd on a twisted mailing list, but there you have
> it. :-)
> What I have now is that I use the classes in twisted.web.client to
> pull the page down, then feed it to feedparser. That means that I have
> to handle the headers and etag/last-modified stuff myself. But if you
> look at the code for feedparser, it's not that complicated.  I do
> regret having to duplicate code, but it can't be helped unless Mark
> expands his interface a little.
> And ideally, I'd prefer to pass a twisted connection to urllib2 as a
> handler anyway.
> I'm attaching a small proof of concept for the non-urllib2
> implementation I've been playing around with. It's very basic.
> > Instead I'll let Feedparser do the download and use twisted for threads.
> > What is the maximum pool size I can use?
> Screw that. Been there, done that, it sucks. I say again, IT SUCKS.
> Did I mention it sucks? PC performance seems to degrade exponentially
> as you fire off more and more feedparser-threads.  I've done it. Even
> with a modest throttle setting of 15 simultaneous connections, my
> system was chewing itself to bits. Granted this was Win32, but on the
> other hand I've established many times that many connections through
> the twisted interface, and seen virtually no indication that anything
> wa going on at all - system was smooth as glass.
> So there's the thing. Do a little extra work, and make it work RIGHT,
> or do a little extra work, and make it a bad user experience.
> If you hate your users, select option #2.
> --
> Regards,
>     Jeff


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