[Twisted-Python] Writing a Jabber client

E.A.M. Huijbers E.A.M.Huijbers at student.tue.nl
Mon May 24 19:04:40 EDT 2004

darryl wrote:

> darryl wrote:
>> E.A.M. Huijbers wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm having trouble writing a Jabber client with Twisted. I came 
>>> across a simple sample[0], and tried to build out from it, but for 
>>> some reason it's barely working.
>>> When I run the application in the attached script, the logon goes 
>>> fine, and I can receive messages sent to the account, but it never 
>>> seems to receive subscription requests. When I ran it on an account 
>>> that already had some items on the contact list, I did receive 
>>> <presence> messages to indcate that a user changed status, but I 
>>> don't receive <presence type="subscribe"> messages...
>> That sample code is mine. I never played with subscriptions really 
>> but after trying it out right now it appears that it's not working :(
>> I don't know why yet, but i'll try and figure it out. We definately 
>> can receive normal presence messages but don't seem to see 
>> subscription requests....
>> Doesn't make sense at first blush.
>> -darryl
> When in doubt read the protocol docs i guess:
> 7.3 Retrieving One's Roster on Login
>   Upon connecting to the server and sending available presence, a
>   client SHOULD request the roster before sending initial presence
>   (however, because receiving the roster may not be desirable for all
>   resources, e.g., a connection with limited bandwidth, the client's
>   request for the roster is OPTIONAL).  If an available resource does
>   not request the roster during a session, the server MUST NOT send it
>   presence subscriptions and associated roster updates.  If an
>   unavailable resource requests the roster, the server SHOULD return an
>   <unexpected-request/> error to the resource.
> Source:http://www.jabber.org/ietf/draft-ietf-xmpp-im-22.txt
> So from reading this it appears unless you request a roster push when 
> you login you will not recieve subscription requests.

That seems doesn't seem quite logical -- since I'm writing a bot, I 
don't want to see the roster myself, but I do want to grant subscription 
But it does explain why things are happening the way they are -- thanks!


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