[Twisted-Python] Can I benefit from multi-processor hardware?

Pavel Pergamenshchik pp64 at codelock.com
Mon May 24 11:03:30 EDT 2004

On Mon, 24 May 2004 13:03:02 +0900
"June Jae-jun Kang" <june at digicell.co.kr> wrote:

> Our current Windows server, written thoroughly in C++, 
> is spawning a few threads in order to benefit from multi-processor hardware.
> Coz our app logic is not so flexible, now we consider moving to Twisted.
> Can we still benefit from multi-processor hardware with Twisted's basic
> event-driven architecture?

Well, iocpreactor, which uses IO completion ports, could be extended to use a threadpool (running C code exclusively) to handle IO events. I am not sure whether that will give a performance gain, though, because the main thread might still be a bottleneck.
In any case, give iocpreactor a try. It is currently the only way for Twisted to scale up on Windows. It's a bit immature, so if you see anything weird, yell at me.

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