[Twisted-Python] Service.stopService

Bill la Forge laforge49 at yahoo.co.in
Fri May 21 09:34:41 EDT 2004

I have a very simple application--I'm testing service start and stop.
Woops--stopService is never called. Why?
Here's my simpleService.py:
from twisted.application import service
class SimpleService(service.Service):
    def startService(self):
        print '***start'
    def stopService(self):
        print '***stop'

And here's my twistd script:
from twisted.application import service
import simpleService
application = service.Application('testService', uid=1, gid=1)
w = simpleService.SimpleService()

It logs ***start, just fine. But never ***stop!
Is something broken? Or should I be using addSystemEventTrigger???

Bill la Forge
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