[Twisted-Python] Interacting plugins and mktap --append

Stephen C. Waterbury golux at comcast.net
Wed May 19 14:33:53 EDT 2004

Stephen C. Waterbury wrote:
> Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
>> On Wed, 2004-05-19 at 13:08, Stephen C. Waterbury wrote:
>>> I'd like to have some interaction between 2 plugins,
>>> and I'm wondering what's the most "archtecturally sound"
>>> way of implementing that in the context of twistd/mktap.
>> Short answer is that mktap isn't the right tool for this sort of thing.
>> The long answer probably involves Glyph writing a really long email so
>> I'll let him do that.
> Thanks for the quick reply, Itamar!  I'll do a q'n'd while
> I await Glyph's treatise.  :)

Actually, thinking about it some more, I don't know why I
had locked onto the idea of using mktap that way.  I'm
thinking now it would make more sense to include extension
packages, additional services, etc. using configuration
options in footap.py.  So just use one plugin and make
it very configurable.  ;)

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