[Twisted-Python] XML-RPC & objects that won't serialize

James R. Saker Jr. jsaker at americanrelay.com
Thu May 13 14:42:37 EDT 2004

Steve writes:
>...then converting them back to mx.DateTimes with
DateTime.ISO.ParseDateTime.  Not elegant, but it does the job.  Note
that PB's jelly will also complain about DateTimes.

Yes; I also resorted to converting them before passing back to the
client. Was curious if there was a better way. Per Federico's post, I
actually started with psycopg but found several twisted references to
preferring pyPgSQL. I tested with about 110,000 records passed (in about
15-20 seconds - most of which tcpdump reports as data xfer activity) so
it's not impairing things much.

Overall, I'm really interested moving to a server-based ssh menu
interface (via conch presumably, though the documentation seems sparse
and stale and server examples somewhat limited; I've seen older posts
here on a similar thread. If I can get up to speed on all this, it might
be an area to volunteer my help) and a Qt client possibly implemented
through PB.

Twisted's terribly interested (and overwhelming at the same time).
Thanks all for being kind to this newb!


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