[Twisted-Python] adbapi/postgresql and xml-rpc

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Wed May 12 18:25:24 EDT 2004

Lì mercoledì, 2004/05/12 alle 16:30, -0400, Stephen Waterbury ha
> > Is this a limitation of XMLRPC that would merit using an approach like
> > PB instead? Eventually my text client will go the way of a Qt GUI and I
> > thought XMLRPC would make a nice lightweight distributed interface, but
> > the serialization issues are making me wonder if the approach is right.
> I also send adbapi results over xml-rpc, using strftime to convert
> the mxDateTimes to an ISO string format and then converting them
> back to mx.DateTimes with DateTime.ISO.ParseDateTime.  Not elegant,
> but it does the job.  Note that PB's jelly will also complain about

why don't you people switch to psycopg nd register a custom type
converter using new_type/register_type? you can easily nd automagically
convert dates and times to strings with a 3-lines callable object.


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