Dependency mgmt (was Re: [Twisted-Python] New components questions)

Gary Poster gary at
Mon May 10 10:45:35 EDT 2004

Christopher Armstrong wrote:

> Itamar Shtull-Trauring wrote:
>> 2. How do we package zope.interface package? We could:
>>   a. include copy of code, as e.g. twisted.interface, and have it
>>      replace itself with zope.interface if that exists. This opens
>>      us to possible _xmlplus style horribleness.
>>   b. install zope.interface in our if it doesn't exist.
>>   c. tell people to install it themselves.
> Definitely B or C... probably B, unless distutils grows automatic 
> dependency downloading/management. :-P
FWIW Fred Drake (PythonLabs/ZC) is working on zpkg: a packaging and 
dependency management tool, integrated with distutils.  I believe the 
intent is to propose this as a Python tool eventually (presumably with a 
less "z..."-like name?).  I know the immediate intent is to allow 
various different distributions of the Zope 3 code (including perhaps 
just the interface package for you all) to be distributed.

That description doesn't give it much justice, but this should begin to:

I believe Fred is still actively seeking feedback, and requests feedback 
and questions on zope3-dev at


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