[Twisted-Python] versioning system [was r10392 - Start http rewrite, don't look yet.]

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Sat Mar 27 18:45:09 EST 2004

William Dode wrote:
> Thanks for all theses arguments.
> I read one things, (but maybe i'm wrong ?) that subversion need
> apache2. When arch can be used with any http server, and so
> twistedmatrix for example :-)
> I would like to replace apache by twisted for everythings, so this
> question is important for me.

Nope. We use inetd (for anon-readonly) and ssh (for auth-write) for svn 
on twistedmatrix.com (and divmod does it that way, too).

Apache2 offers sub-repository granularity on permissions, but then, so 
do repository hooks that come with subversion.

Speaking of hooks, I wonder if it's possible to have one that prevents 
people from making mistakes like checking out /, /branches, and /tags. 
Does that sound like a good idea? It does to me.

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