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Cory Dodt corydodt at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Mar 25 12:54:48 EST 2004

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The biggest arguments for Twisted using subversion are:
- - it's a *lot* like CVS, so it's good if you already know CVS
- - it fixes (almost?) all the warts in CVS; addresses are urls, commits are
atomic, copies and branches are O(1), directories and directory properties are
- - maturity.. sounds odd if you're aware that they just did a 1.0, but svn has
been in development for about 4 years.  The 1.0 is *stable*.  The 1.0.1,
already out, should be more so.
- - server administration is relatively simple.  The problems you're likely to
encounter administering a server are known problems with solutions.
- - very cross-platform.  windows tools are excellent, Mac ports of the tools
exist, etc.
- - Good support tools; e.g. options to display your repo on the web, buildbot
works with it, there's an emacs mode, ...
- - Good integration with existing access methods, such as ssh.
- - Lots of developers have been experimenting with svn for the last few months
during the run-up to 1.0, so there's mentors available.
- - there's an #svn on freenode, and the developers hang out there, and they
help. :-)
- - it's in Debian (albeit still Debian unstable).

All of these arguments are important to me; each is present in one or more of
the other version control options, but I'm not aware of any other system that
answers all of them at once.  It hardly needs be said that ymmv.


William Dode wrote:
| I would like to know why you choose subversion and not arch or dracs or
| i don't know... I'm also searching for an other versioning system for my
| projects and i would like to know the arguments of twisteds zen
| developers ;-)
| There is also a pythonic system (codeville). So a lot of choice and lot
| of pain to choose.
| Sorry if it's too much OT.

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