[Twisted-Python] TOC and filetranser

achin achin at eminence32.cjb.net
Wed Mar 17 16:13:09 EST 2004

ok, i guess i misinterpreted "unstable".

i'll take a look at OSCAR


On Wed, 17 Mar 2004, Christopher Armstrong wrote:

> achin wrote:
> > yeah, i saw that, but I'm hesitant to use OSCAR:
> > 1) AOL occasionally changes to OSCAR protocol to break any 3rd-party
> > implementations that have reverse-engineered it.
> > 2) the module is listed as unstable
> This isn't a point. Most modules in Twisted are unstable :-). It doesn't
> mean that they're broken, it means that they *may* change (but we still
> make compatibility a goal, always!). The only reason that toc.py is
> unstable is because it's (apparently) unmaintained and deprecated.

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