[Twisted-Python] IOCP Reactor (Was: win32 buildbot)

Alan McIntyre alan at norfolkgraphics.com
Wed Mar 17 10:59:16 EST 2004


I've had the (mis?)fortune of having to maintain some applications 
written in vanilla Win32 in the last few years, so I can take a stab at 
answering Windows questions if they come up.  I'm still trying to get 
familiar with how the Twisted internals work, so I probably won't be 
much help in that area.

For the forseeable future, I will be constrained to using Windows 
platforms at work, so I'm interested in helping get Twisted working well 
on Windows.  I'll try and help out as much as I can if you run into any 
rough spots, for whatever that's worth. :)


Schneider, Michael wrote:
> If I can allocate a resource for this that is an experienced developer
> (15 years C guy), but with little python or twisted experience,
> would someone be able to guide him when he hits a tough spot?
> I could answer basic twisted/python questions, but I don't know
> the guts of windows or reactors.
> We are using twisted in a windows environment and would be willing
> to contribute the work back to twisted.
> Thanks
> Mike
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> Michael Schneider
> Senior Software Engineering Consultant
> UGS PLM Solutions - an EDS Company
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